Myndagrúsk - Photo Project

Myndagrúsk is a cooperative project of the senior citizens of Vopnafjörður and Austurbrú. The work involves preservation in a database, scanning in and recording photos that are donated to the collection. Others contributing to this project are Ágústa Þorkelsdóttir, chairman of the senior citizens group and Cathy Josephson, chairman of the East Iceland Emigration Center which is based in Vopnafjörður. Myndagrúsk first began working in Kaupvangur, but when Kaupvangskaffi opened in March 2014 the group moved to Miklagarður, the local community hall. In many ways the hall was a good place to meet, but access was difficult for some members. It was then decided to move the meeting place to Sambúð, near the Sundabúð retirement home.

The Myndagrúsk project has in the last years made a name for itself in the community of Vopnafjörður, both culturally and for the local citizens.


Supervisor:                      Else Möller


Address:                           Kaupvangur, Hafnarbyggð 4a

Phone:                              470 3850



GPS:  65.753545 - 14.8284927

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