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Vopnafjordur is one of the first areas people settled in when they originally arrived in Iceland. It is believed that three Vikings named Eyvindur Vopni (Vápni), Hróaldur Bjólan and Lýtingur Ásbjarnarson were the first to settle in Vopnafjordur.  The fjord is named after Eyvindur Vopni and boasts plenty of fertile ground which is ideal for farming.


Vopnafjordur is a broad fjord between Bakkaflói and Héraðsflói.  In the middle of the fjord is a peninsula, Kolbeinstangi, where the village of Vopnafjordur is located.  North of Kolbeinstangi is Nýpsfjörður fjord, where Nýpslón lagoon can be found.

High mountains rise across the fjord from Tanginn. The Krossavíkur mountains are quite prominent but to the south stands the Smjörfjöll mountain range, which is the highest in the fjord.


The weather in Vopnafjordur is fairly mild. The fjord has a rich history, a friendly atmosphere and picturesque views which can be seen throughout the three valleys of which it is made up. Selárdalur is farthest to the north, while Vesturárdalur lays in the middle with the road to Vopnafjörður running through it. To the east is Hofsárdalur which is connected to Vesturárdalur by a road named millidalaleið, or "between-the-valleys".


Roughly 700 people live in Vopnafjordur.  The main industries include fishing and fish processing, the service sector, and agriculture.  There are a number of entertainment and recreational opportunities in Vopnafjordur as well. In fact, it is known as an angling paradise. Various walking trails around the fjord take you to the many natural wonders of Vopnafordur. Although the museums and exhibitions in the fjord are well worth your time,  you can also go swimming in the pool near the Selá river, while enjoying the surrounding nature.


Vopnafjordur village is a friendly town located in beautiful surroundings.  The Tourist Information Center provides information and brochures on the attractions and activities in the fjord.