A visit to eider duck farmers

We invite you to visit our farm - takes about 3 hrs. Guests learn about how the eider ducks live and nest, and how the eider down is cleaned. Guests can examine how eider down is processed through various stages until it is put into down quilts and pillows. Trips twice weekly from 25 May until 3 July. It is necessary to book ahead - see the phone number and email address to the right.


We take an easy walk around the living and nesting areas of the eider ducks with guides who are eider farmers at Ytra-Nýpur. Our guests have the opportunity of seeing how this wild bird is protected and cared for so that it feels comfortable. Also are other birds in the nesting area. It is crucial to walk carefully and listen carefully to the guides throughout the walk.


The visit to the farm's down-cleaning building where you will have the opportunity to inspect and feel the eiderdown in various stages of the cleaning process, and also to see samples of completed products.


Guests are invited to the "down-farmers' guestroom“ next door to enjoy light refreshments. In this guest room are items connected with farming in the last years.

Total time of visit is about 3 hours

Open 25 May - 3 July

Remember to book ahead as mentioned above.

Other openings according to agreement.

Farmers:                Helgi og Alda

Address:                Ytri - Nýpur

Phone:                  +893 1437

Email:                   helgith@talnet.is

Website:              Click here

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GPS:   N 65.7979  - E 14.8420

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2.500 ÍSL per person
No debit or credit cards