Bustarfell Museum

In beautiful Hofsárdalur stands the old family farm Bustarfell, a quaint, centuries old Icelandic turf and stone house with red gables and a grass-grown roof.  Bustarfell is one of the oldest and best preserved farms of this kind in Iceland. In 1532, the farm was bought by Árni Brandsson and his wife Úlfheiður. The farm has been owned by their descendants ever since.


A visit to the museum at Bustarfell is a journey through the history of farming and changes in lifestyle from the beginning of the 18th century to the mid-20th century. When walking through the museum you feel the inhabitants have only just left the house. Three kitchens from different eras are showcased, as well as other artifacts from around the farm which show how technology developed.  




Summer, 1 June - 20 September:  Every day from 10:00 - 17:00

Winter, 21 September - 31 May: 

Open by request during the winter, if we possibly can.

For further information please call  855-4511.



Address:         Bustarfell, Hofsárdalur

Tel:                  855-4511 

E-mail:            bustarfell@simnet.is


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GPS:      65.6152928,-15.1020169

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Adults:                                         1100 kr.
Children 9-12 years:                   300 kr.
Children 0-8 years:                      Free
Pensioners:                                  900 kr.
Groups, 10 people and more:  900 kr.