Campground Vopnafjörður

The camp site is located in beautiful surroundings above the town. It is on two flat areas with a view over the town, the fjord and the beautiful mountain range on the other side of the fjord. The camp site is quite small. Below it there is a playground with a football field.

In the service building are two toilets, showers and an outdoor laundry area. The Vopnafjordur Sports Center is about 100 meters’ walk. There are both toilets and showers which the campground guests can use for a minimal fee. In the center is also a sauna, tanning beds and an exercise area.

Above the village on Búðaröxl is the local maintenance building. There is a place where camper-trailers and mobile homes may empty their holding tanks.

All services are nearby, as the village is small and the campground quite in the center. In the village center, about 500 meters from the campground, is the Information Center in the Kaupvangur, an impressive, refurbished timber building which sets its mark on the town.

Wheelchair access is better in Vopnafjordur than in many other places, and local people are proud of this. – Though it is right to point out that the campground and toilets are not accessible. In the Sports center, however, the toilets and showers are accessible for handicapped people.

    -    Electrical service
    -    Toilets
    -    Showers
    -    Outdoor laundry area
    -    Vopnafjordur gymnasium – 100m. walk; sauna, tanning beds, exercise area


During spring, summer and fall:  1 May -  15 Oktober: all days




Hosts:               Árný og Gísli - Hótel Tangi ehf.

Address:            Above the street named Lónabraut

Tel.:                    845 2269





GPS:     14°49´36,9”   65°45´27,5”

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