East Iceland Emigration Center

Who Are We?

The East Iceland Emigration Center is an organization of volunteers interested in re-establishing contact with the descendants of the people who left East and Northeast Iceland (primarily Vopnafjordur, North- and South-Múlasýsla, and Þistilfjörður) after the eruption of Askja in 1875.

What Do We Do?

We offer genealogical services, looking into the past to the time of their ancestors, but also into the present in search of relatives in Iceland.  We can help in planning visits to places and people connected with their family.


Every year, Western Icelanders from Canada, from the United States - and even from Brazil - come to Vopnafjordur and East Iceland.  The Center´s aim is to provide help to those descendants who come to visit their ancestral homeland.

They come singly, in small groups, and sometimes as a family group of several generations. They come with family stories, with ancestral charts, with family photographs - almost always with very good basic information about names and places in Iceland.  

And with a feeling that they are somehow returning home, they stand on their ancestors´old farms, looking across the fields, rivers and mountains, often with tears in their eyes.  That is why.



By exploring the past and by standing in the present.

The task before us is large. Many years, many miles from Iceland to the Americas, and more than 20.000 men, women and children gone..."farinn"...

But Icelanders are fond of record-keeping, and there is a wealth of information to help us find each other again: donated family histories, census records, church records, old photographs sent back to relatives and friends still in Iceland.

Every year, descendants of the emigrants visit Iceland to explore their roots - to visit places their grandfathers have talked about. So we are ready to accompany them, help them find the old farms, perhaps meet a few cousins, certainly make new friends.




Summer, 1 June - 20 September: 

Monday, Thursday and Saturday from kl. 10:00 til 17:00


Winter, 21 September - 31 May

Monday and Thursday from kl. 10:00 - 17:00



Representative:     Cathy Ann Josephson

Address:                  Kaupvangur, Hafnarbyggð 4a

Tel:                           473-1200 

E-mail:                     vesturfarinn@simnet.is


Web:                        vesturfarinn.is


GPS:      65.753545 - 14.8284927

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