Fishing with a Rod

Rod angling has been practiced for many decades in Vopnafjordur as it is well known for salmon and trout fishing in the rivers here in the Hofsá, Selá, Vesturdalsá and Sunnudalsá.


The salmon rivers are rented by the Strengur company which manages the rivers and lodges along the rivers.


Anyone who wishes may purchase a fishing license for the trout areas of the Hofsá and at Nýkurvatn above Bustarfell.


Many find it very entertaining to fish from the pier in the harbor at Vopnafjordur - and you may try your luck free of charge. Good to keep in mind, however, that this area is sometimes quite busy when fishing ships are unloading their catch along the pier.



Fishing licenses for Nýkurvatn are sold at Bustarfell

Phone: 473-1466

Fishing licenses in the trout areas of the Hofsá are sold at Syðri-Vík

Phone: 473-1199

Click here to find Bustarfell on a map

GPS Bustarfell: 65.6152928 - 15.1020169


Click here to find Syðri-Víkur on a map

GPS Syðri-Vík: 65.7097176 - 14.8084974


Click here to find Nykurvatn on a map

GPS Nykurvatn: 65.6187545 - 15.1496624


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GPS Hofsá: 65.6764433 - 15.0222949