Heilun ehf - Healing

There isn't much better than to give oneself time for relaxation and indulgement in order to feel better in both body and soul. Berglind is a licensed Reiki Master and has also learned Cranio and Sacral Spine Treatment, back and shoulder massage, heated stone massage, zone therapy and much more. Heilun is at "Lyngholt" at Miðbraut 13.




  • Heilun offers the following services:

  • Back and shoulder massage (with or without heated stones):  40 min. = 5,500 kr.
  • Luxurious heated stone, whole body massage:  90 min. = 11,000 kr.
  • Reiki healing (with the Reiki Master):  55 min. = 5,500 kr.
  • Cranio and Sacral Spine Treatment:  50 min. = 5,500 kr.
  • Foot therapy (foot massage and nail trimming):  25 min. = 3,000 kr.
  • Head and scalp massage:  25 min. = 3,000 kr.
  • Gift card from Heilun for treatment of your own choice
  • Hot stone back and shoulders massage for 40 minutes
  • Essential oil massage for back and shoulders for 40 minutes
  • Roaming and healing for 55 minutes
  • Cranio and spine reduction for 50-55 minutes
  • Feet pampering
  • Head massage
  • Lady pampering



Open times are by appointment. We do our best to meet most requests, even in the evenings if possible.

It is possible to arrange an appointment by sending a message on our Facebook page "Heilun", by calling or by email. Information is to the right.

Therapist:              Berglind Sigurðardóttir

Address:                 Miðbraut 13 (Lyngholt)

Tel.:                         + 862-2428

E-mail:                   berglindsig@simnet.is

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GPS: 65.7549465 - 14.8296709

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