Rescue Team Vopni

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Rescue Team Vopni is a member Ice-Sar - Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue. 

Vopni is housed in Vogabúð, which is just above and with a view over the harbor. The Team is well-equipped and the members well-trained - of course, they have a great interest in this service. The community of Vopnafjörður has long been proud of Vopni and supported it with ideas and deeds, but the main support of Vopni comes from Sjöfn, the local supporting auxiliary.


The group holds an annual fundraiser in support of the Rescue Team. The foreman is Jón Sigurðarson, 858-1167.


Foreman:                          Jón Sigurðarson

Address:                            Vogabúð

Phone:                              473 1253- 473 1354 -858 1167


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GPS:  65.756343  - 14.824423

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