Sandvík - Black beach

Sandvík is a long, black sandy beach in from the fjord. The coast is a paradise for birds, created by the hand of nature. There one may find seashells, take a walk, watch the birds, build a sand castle - or follow your own imagination.

Along this coast a supply ship ran aground on 2 October 1981. All the crew were rescued. At low tide one can still see a glimpse of the wreckage.

Access to Sandvík is from the track lying down to the bay inland from the golf course.


We remind everyone to be careful along the beach. The surf can be dangerous and children must be carefully watched. The Hofsá river often flows over the sands in the spring, and as a result quicksand can form along the beach.

Always walk the coastline with care, with respect for nature and the hidden dangers which can lie near the sea.  



GPS:  65.735784  - 14.857769

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