Swimming pool in Selárdal

The local swimming pool, Selárdalslaug, is in Selárdalur on the banks of one of the best salmon rivers in Iceland. The pool area has a large sun deck, deck chairs and hotpots. One can search far and wide for a lovelier setting for a swimming pool - and ours is famed for its location.


The pool was built in Summer, 1949 by the members of Einherja, the sports club of Vopnafjordur. It was constructed mostly by volunteer labor and was opened in Summer, 1950. Many improvements have been made to the pool and it is in good condition, and the area around the pool has always been well kept.

Until 1975 swimming lessons were such that the students stayed in the house for two weeks' lessons - and certainly was often very lively during those weeks. Today the children are driven by school bus from the village for lessons. The local people use the pool a great deal, and of course the special setting lends well to enjoying Iceland's nature to the utmost as well as enjoying the pool itself.




Summer:  June 1st  – August 29th

Mondays - Fridays:   10:00 to 22:00. 
Weekends - Saturday and Sunday:   10:00 to 18:00

Winter:  August 30th to May 31st

Monday - Friday:   14:00 to 19:00.
Weekends - Saturday and Sunday:   12:00 to 16:00.



Address:           Selárdalur, 12 km. from the village of Vopnafjordur

Tel.:                   473-1499

Email:               sundlaug@vopnafjardarhreppur.is



GPS:      65.802413-14.9135158

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Adults 16-66 yrs.:                 950 kr.

Children 0-15 yrs.:               370 kr.

Senior citizens 67 yrs.+:                    370 kr.

Swim pass for 10 visits for adults:          7500 kr.

Swim pass for 10 visits for senior citizens:      2200 kr.