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Lindin was organized 16 May 1921 at Hof and was first named Hof Branch - Vopnafjörður Women's Organization. Fjalladeild, or Mountain Branch, was formed at the same time but disbanded about 1935. These groups acted independently but worked alongside the Vopnafjörður Women's Organization (organized 1907) on many projects. A joint meeting of all the groups was held annually. In commemoration of the 50th anniversary the members decided to adopt a new name, which was Lindin Women's Organization.

From the beginning the group's purpose has been to support cultural and humanitarian projects, strengthen the development and cooperation of women, and support learning and education for women.

The first project of the group was to collect funds for a girls' home in Reykjavík (Hallveigarstaða). In 1922 they bought a spinning machine and operated it themselves. Because of this work they were housed in the village for a while, but the machine was given in 1964 to the Folk Museum at Bustarfell. Weaving, sewing and cooking classes were sometimes held, but this work has now mostly ceased. For a while the women's organization and the local government shared the salary cost of a local nurse. 

In 1928 the group built a small meeting house at Hof and twenty years later it was torn down and the lumber used to build Staðarholt with the help of the Young Men's Organization. About 2000 the building was almost ruined, but the women's group decided to rebuild it with the mostly-volunteer labor of a friend of the group and it is now the home of Lindin and available for rent by the public.

Until about 1940 the group lent support to needy people. Noted in the records about the Christmas assistance given to the needy:  to provide clothing for all the children in one home for every Christmas, inner and outer clothing, and older people to receive "something in their shoe."

Even today the women's group is ready to assist wherever there is a need. Funds are donated for equipment at the local school, the health clinic, for needy people at home and overseas. They have also funded the raising of two girls in Brazil via SOS-Children's Villages.


Since 1942 the Lindin group purchased trees to plant around the Hof Church; has also cared for the cemetery and placed a resting area with a bench in a corner of the grounds in memory of women.

Lindin has been a member of the Folk Museum at Bustarfell since 1982 and has a representative on the board. The members work at Bustarfell for the spring cleaning and take part in Museum Day.

At their common annual meeting in 1964, the Hof Branch and the Vopnafjörður Women's Organization decided to begin raising money to build a nursing and retirement home in Vopnafjörður. In 1976 began construction of Sundabúð, which was done in three stages. The women donated much volunteer labor in the building, especially for the first building, working at cleaning concrete forms, nailing roofing paper, painting, sewing curtains and were part of nearly all steps in the building process. They also spent much time in collecting funds for the Nursing Home Fund and it is certain that without the initiative of the members of both women's groups, Sundabúð would not have become a reality. For some decades nearly all the work of the women's groups centered on the building of Sundabúð, their largest accomplishment.

Since 1998 the Lindin Education Fund has focused on supporting higher education and re-education of the people in Vopnafjörður, with women receiving first preference. The fund has proved its worth and has assisted more than thirty women in their studies. The fund itself grants support, but looks also to the women's group in granting educational funds.

In order to perform to many good projects intensive fund-raising is necessary, and many ways have been used for that. Today most of the group's income comes from the Christmas bake sale, coffee sales, cleaning the church grounds, other cleaning projects, painting work and more. These women volunteer as they are able and enjoy working together as well as the occasional times when Lindin invites the members out to eat or on a short trip.

The women of Lindin have for the most part lived in the countryside although that has never been a requirement, and today all women are encouraged to learn about the work of the group and warmly welcomed to our meetings in the hope that the visits lead to membership in Lindin. A strong women's group is a strong support for the community.


Formaður:                             Karen Hlín Halldórsdóttir

Heimilisfang:                        Hofi

Húsnæði kvenfélagsins:    Staðarholt

Sími:                                       869 7461


Location of Staðarholt: 

GPS:  65.6551374 - 15.0166583

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