Virkisvík is a very beautiful place where you stand in awe and bow to the beauty of nature.

It is a glorious place with colourful sediments, basalt formations and a waterfall that cascades over precipitous cliffs into the sea. 

Please be careful when walking along the cliffs and do not go too close to the edge. 


Oldest known cliff formation above the sea in Iceland is in the West Fjords and East Fjords. It is 15-16 million years and from the Miocene Tertiary era. 

The Tertiary era began 65 million years ago and ended 1.8 million years ago. The layers from that epoch are formed of lava flows with occasional sediment layers in between. Such layers, in thicker form, have long been research subjects, since often is found in them plant or animal remains which give much information about the climate when the layers formed. In the East Fjords, here in Vopnafjordur and in Hofsárdalur inland from the fjord are two such very thick sediment layers. One of them is in Virkisvík on the south side of the fjord and the other is in Bustarfell in Hofsárdalur.



GPS:  65.7204005 - 14.7535776

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