Vopnafjörður´s Music school

The music school is housed in the new addition of the Vopnafjörður elementary school and so it is convenient for the students to take music lessons. Their lesson times are coordinated with their other studies.

The music school teachers are Stephen Yates and Baldvin Eyjólfsson. A good variety of lessons are offered: piano, violin, recorder, voice, guitar, bass, ukulele and drums. Also offered are note reading and harmonics, plus wind instrument lessons for students in the music school.



Skólastjóri:                   Stephen Yates
Netfang:                        sjymusic@gmail.com

Heimilisfang:               Lónabraut 12

Sími:                               470 3254
Heimasíða:                  sjymusic.net


GPS:  65.7580918 - 14.8262014

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