Walk around Vopnafjordur

The Tourism Association of Vopnafjordur supported the project of collecting information about the history of Vopnafjordur and setting up a walking trail in the village for both visitors and residents. Now this project is a reality and there are 15 signs around the village, all with information about Vopnafjordur. Also for sale is an excellent booklet "Walk Around Vopnafjordur" which has even more information about this walk.

The booklet is available at most service places in Vopnafjordur.


You may also download a guide for this walk as a smartphone app via:  Wapp.

Contact:               Tourism Representative for Vopnafjordur

Address:               Kaupvangi,  690 Vopnafjörður

Tel.:                       473-1331

Email:                   info@vopnafjardarhreppur.is

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Begin at this point: 

GPS: 65.753545 - 14.8284927

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