Austurbrú Knowledge Center Vopnafjörður

Austurbrú is an independent agency working in the area of education, employment, cultural affairs, travel services and local communities in East Iceland.


Ongoing education:

  • Wireless internet connection - connection with FS net
  • Visual meeting equipment
  • Facilities for individuals and groups, as agreed upon.
  • Facilities for educational examinations

In Kaupvangur it is also possible to find information concerning cultural matters, marketing, university and research projects and other projects which Austurbrú oversees in the East Iceland area.


Monday - Thursday,  8:00 - 16:00

Also open as scheduled by agreement.

Project manager:       Else Möller   

Address:                       Kaupvangi, Hafnarbyggð 4a

Tel.:                              +470 3850



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GPS:     65.7535472 - 14.8284927

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