Vopnafjordur Fire Department

The Vopnafjordur Fire Department is at Búðaröxl 3 in Vopnafjordur.

This building was originally built as a carpentry workshop; later a grocery store owner bought half and operated a store there for a few years.

In 2000 the local government bought this part for use as a fire department. In the building are three exit doors operated remotely; also are a meeting room, coffee service and office. Still needed is an area for the workers, i.e. uniform storage with shower facilities.



The East Iceland Fire Prevention Service (Brunavarnir) is a cooperative of six East Iceland communities: Fljótsdalshérað, Fljótsdalshreppur, Vopnafjardarhreppur, Borgarfjordur Eystri, Djúpavogshreppur, and Seyðisfjordur. Together they formed Brunavarnir in 2007. Seyðisfjordur joined the group in January, 2009.

Each area responds to an emergency call within their own area - i.e., the fire department in Vopnafjordur responds to calls in the Vopnafjordur area. If need is for more assistance, the nearest department is contacted.

Brunavarnir of East Iceland sees to the education and practical training of firemen in this area. Ten training sessions are held annually for each of the five fire departments.

Emergency 112

Fire Chief:                     Baldur Pálsson

Email:                            brunav@simnet.is

Address:                        Búðaröxl 3

Tel.:                                473 1575 - 471 2821

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GPS:  65.753598  - 14.838133

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