Hjáleigan Café

The Hjáleigan Café is next to the Bustarfell Folk Museum of Vopnafjordur. After visiting the museum it is a pleasure to sit down in the Hjáleigan Café and enjoy good coffee and something sweet in peaceful country surroundings. Nearby is a small petting zoo for children and adults to enjoy animals from the countryside.



• Coffee, cocoa, tea
• Cakes and tortes
• Comfortable atmosphere
• First class service



Summer   1 June - 15 September:  

Every day 10:00 - 17:00 




Hostess:             Berghildur Fanney Hauksdóttir

Address:            Bustarfell

Tel.:                    844-1153

Email:                hjaleigankaffihus@gmail.com  


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GPS:    65.6161876 - 15.1013732

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