• Hiking trails

    In Vopnafjörður there are plenty of hiking trails and paths, many marked.

    Most people should find something to their liking, whether it is challenging mountaineering, adventure in a tent camping, enjoy the nature all day long or a peaceful evening walk.

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    Hiking trails
  • Bird watching

    The bird life around Vopnafjörður is rich and varied.
    Here you do not need not go far or follow difficult paths to see rich bird life and find birds that are not so common.

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    Bird watching
  • Fishing in Vopnafjörður

    Some of the best known salmon and trout fishing rivers in Iceland.

    The salmon fishing rivers are rented by organisations which operate the rivers and the fishing lodges related to them. Everybody can buy a fishing licence in the trout area of Hofsá and in Nykurvatn.  To fish on the pier also charms many people.

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    Fishing in Vopnafjörður